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Your Words Determine Your World!

Are you using an operating system of…

need, want, should, can’t, have to, maybe, kinda, someday or hopefully?

Do find yourself saying things like…

“I’m working on it” or “I’m Really trying?”

If so, you are using self-sabotaging language.

Every single word we feel and speak is taken literally by our subconscious.

Therefore, the subconscious starts acting immediately to bring about the
reality that matches that.

When we realize this, many of us will want to get conscious very quickly.

Our language exposes our limiting belief systems.

If we become more conscious of the language we use, we start to establish
new, more successful patterns.

We can then transform our relationship with consciousness and words in a
positive way with grace and ease.

The outcome however, is to increase love for ourselves and others.

When love and acceptance is present, true transformation happens and it’s
reflected in our words.

Thus, different words, different world!

One that is more satisfying and abundant!

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