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Walk Your Talk To Be A Leader

If it’s true that all eyes are on the leader, then what are they really watching? I will guarantee it’s not the lips or what’s being said, rather it’s the doing. Walk your talk as they say. If you say one thing and do another, no one is going to believe or follow you. And why should they? Your example of doing defines you. If it’s a good example, people will want to follow.

True leaders insist on values, abiding by principles and upholding both in their daily life. That’s how they demonstrate their character. Your character also defines who you are and forms the basis for leadership. In fact, what you do when you think no one is watching may be the best definition of character.

As a leader people naturally follow what you do. So, say in a network marketing business for instance, if you tell your distributors they should be on a monthly autoship, are you? Do you tout how good your products are but don’t use them yourself? Are you telling them to attend all the seminars, but are rarely there yourself? If so, you are not a true leader. And you may be wondering why they are not doing these things. However, they are doing exactly what you are doing! Not much of anything!

Therefore a true leader has the ability to get others to willingly follow by example. They have a clear vision of where they want to go and are able to communicate that vision clearly and passionately and in terms that cause people to want to follow. I think a key part of this is the passion because it is contagious! If you are not passionate about your business or any other vision you have, people sense it and they will NOT be stirred to action. If you desire to attract others who demonstrate true leadership qualities, start with yourself and walk your talk, and people will follow!

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