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The Law of Equity

In all aspects of life, whether it be education, music,
digging a ditch or building a business, the law of equity applies.

For instance, if you only work 4 hours on creating a sculpture,
you only see 4 hours of production…

that is “The Law of Equity.”

It’s God’s law in the universe.

In nature, its referred to as “balance.”

We must take responsibility for what we produce or don’t produce.

And we must NOT rely on others to motivate us to DO what we need to do.

I have had many people tell me, “Oh I feel so motivated after talking to you.
I need to talk with you more often.”

I’m glad that I’m able to “pump” them up and there is a time and place for that.

However, if the only place your motivation comes from is others, it won’t last long.

You find yourself needing what I call “a motivation fix.” But this kind of motivation
does not really move you to action. It’s more of just a feel good thing for the moment!

So resolve today to motivate yourself!

And to help you get started, I made a list of statements to repeat out loud to
yourself or anyone who will listen, even your pets):

And I am going to do this as well because I would never ask you to do something
that I won’t do myself.

So, here we go with the list.

1. I have the motivation to use my mind and imagination to accomplish all my goals,
and not depend on someone to motivate me.

2. I have the motivation to return phone calls and answer emails, and not
depend on someone to motivate me.

3. I have the motivation to get up an hour early each day to do what needs to be
done for my business or anything else, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

4. I have the motivation to share my story with whoever I come in contact with today, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

5. I have the motivation to do my own research as best I can to build my business,
and not depend on someone to motivate me.

6. I have the motivation to work an extra hour each day to work on my business
and whatever else needs accomplished and not depend on someone to motivate me.

7. I have the motivation to work on myself more than my business, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

8. I have the motivation to take responsibility for all that I do or don’t do. And to make the needed adjustments and not depend on someone to motivate me.

Repeat twice daily, when you get up in the morning and before bed for at least 30 days, and let me know what changes you see in yourself. I will share mine with you also!

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  • Edward Elliott September 24, 2010, 1:26 pm

    Hey Carol,

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I love the last one about personal responsibility. I am grateful for the blessing that I have come to know that and able to practice it in all that I do. Self motivation and inspiration is the only thing that will bring massive success into ones life.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  • Shawn Johnson September 24, 2010, 3:09 pm


    I have in the past been a victim of this when attending business events.Get jacked up and ready to rock while at the event and once I get home back to the same ol same ol.

    So you are right. Once I realized that these events are only once a month and I needed to be motivated 31 days a month, I start digging deep inside to be a better me and stay on track.

    So you are right its your business and your life and you should “not
    depend on someone to motivate me” !!

    Thanks for this post my friend.

  • Selena Tention September 24, 2010, 5:26 pm

    We have to like Joe says, light our own wick. People will inspire us but ultimately motivation comes from within! I like number 4!

  • Laura September 24, 2010, 5:29 pm

    Hey Carol,

    Great affirmations. Motivation is a huge challenge and until we can motivate ourselves it will always be a struggle. Thanks for sharing!

  • Matt Geib September 25, 2010, 1:54 pm


    So very true we must all find our motivation,,,I love the list Practical ‘rubber meets the road’ principles we can use!

    Matt Geib the Great!:-)

  • Lidia September 27, 2010, 5:49 am

    People who cannot motivate themselves will depend on other people’s motivation. It is not a good place to live. If they were to stop you would feel as if they had let go of the strings and you were a puppet being controlled by another. It is wiser to spend time and learn to motivate yourself.

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