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The Earning of a Dollar!

A lot of us know what it feels like to earn our own money as a kid. We did things like mow yards, shovel snow, babysit, had lemonade stands or paper routes. It was fun making our own money, dealing with people ourselves and being our own boss! And most of the time, we were encouraged to do this by parents and other family members. But then, when you grew up and graduated from school, you were told, "Go get a job and work for someone else." Confusing isn't it? Why is it ok to have an entrepreneur spirit as a kid, but not as an adult? And even if you entertained the idea of having your own business as an adult, most of the time you are told things like…"Oh, you can't do that"…"It will never work"…"You're just a dreamer." So, you abandon the idea. Until… You get laid off. Need to be home with the kids. Need to have extra money to pay bills. And the list goes on! Now, you are entertaining the idea of having your own business. Great! The problem is… we are NOT kids anymore, and the world is much different than it was then! But, the Earning of a Dollar is still the same. It starts with YOU and only YOU! As a kid you drummed up the business on your own, sold yourself to your customers that you could do a good job. Then you responsibly did what it took to get the job done. You maintained a good relationship with your customers. Granted, some of your customers may have already known you, but they had to LIKE and TRUST you. It seems you innately had the skills for business. Now, because you have been told over and over all the negative reasons you can't have your own business, doubt has taken over and the skills are gone. But, remember the Earning of a Dollar still starts with YOU…it's an inside job!!! Now we are all in the same boat. I also needed to re-learn the skills. But first, I needed to change all the negative stuff I heard for years. How? One of my favorite ways to do this is change my self talk and when the negative talk does show up, I say "Oh thanks for sharing, but not interested." Take control of your mind and you take control of your life!

To your success,

Carol Wickett

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