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Self Worth…What is it Really Worth?

I would say it depends on who you talk to. What do I mean by that? Self worth isn't something tangible. Even though you don't see it, you hear it. Some people's sense of self worth proceeds them, while you have to almost take a magnifying glass to see it in others. The language and words people use about themselves defines them. Even responses to compliments given tell you a lot about a persons self worth.

For instance, when given a compliment about an outfit, sometimes people will respond by saying something like, "this old thing?" That happens because a persons self worth or self esteem issues kick in and doesn't allow a simple "thank you." Clearly self worth is a feeling or feelings we have about ourselves. We may or may not be conscious of them. They are developed very early, sometimes even before birth. The way we see ourself is what produces the feeling. A lot of how we see ourself is shaped by others. In particular, parents and family members. But, it can also be shaped by friends, peers, teachers and others. That's because at such a young age we have no built-in filters so to speak that determines what can and can not create a subconscious program. Everything we are told not only becomes a subconscious program, it becomes law and the program plays throughout life, unless the program changes.

Now you may be thinking…we all have "stuff" that has caused us problems at least to some extent with how we view ourself. So why does one person seem very affected by words or events while another very little or not at all? The key is perception. How we see what happens to us and what is said about us determines how we feel about ourselves. We all have our "demons" to deal with. It really depends on the degree of importance we put on the perceptions that determines our self worth. And perceptions are determined by programming. So really it all boils down to that.

Are there ways to change the programming? Yes. So the question is… Is your current lack of self worth causing you any amount of lost joy and happiness in your life? If it has held you back in a lot of areas or caused you not to go after your dreams, how much has it really cost you? In other words, how much is self worth really worth? Well, I think we would all agree it is priceless! Without it or very little of it, we hold ourselves back from what we were meant to be. I'm no different from the rest of you and have had my share of things to overcome in this area, and I'm still in the process. It's a life journey, but well worth it in the long run. Work more on yourself than you do on anything else and you will build your self worth and be successful in life.



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