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Purify Your Water Naturally

How much pure water do you drink? Did you know that the rule of thumb is to drink at least one half your body weight in ounces of water everyday? And if you are cleansing, then even more is required. You may be thinking that is a lot, especially if you don’t like the taste of water. On the other hand though, how much coffee, tea, soda pop, or junk juices do you drink each day?

The following are some amazing things that water does for the body:

* It removes free radicals from the body.

* It is an aid to strong bone formation.

* It is vital to energy production in the cells.

* It is needed for proper overall metabolism.

* It is needed for the brain to imprint new information in its memory banks.

* It increases the efficiency of the immune system.

* It is needed for the production of nature’s sleep regulator, melatonin.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea of how important it is to consume enough water each day! Choosing better health begins with what we choose to put in our bodies. One of the first things to consider is water.

We can all live without food for a few days or more, however we will die in a short amount of time without water. The amount of water to drink is important to keep hydrated and to keep the toxins flushed out. Now you may be wondering if you can count the water in your coffee, tea, soda pop, juice or other beverages. My question to you about that is… When you wash dishes do you rinse them in coffee, tea, pop, juice, etc.? Of course not! Then why would you rinse your body in it?

And the effects of coffee, tea, soda, etc. on the body is another subject. Ok, so now we know the importance of drinking lots of water. But how many of you have thought about the quality of water that you drink? Tap water is NOT your highest choice because it it contains flourine and chlorine among other things. These are two toxins that are detrimental to the thyroid gland in particular. So, make sure you are drinking pure, clean or restructured water.

So if you are one of those people that hate the taste of water, adding some Young Living Essential Oils can give a delicious flavor to what can otherwise be a boring drink. One or two drops per glass is usually enough.

Some of my favorites are Young Living’s lemon, orange, peppermint, grapefruit and tangerine. I especially enjoy peppermint oil for it’s ability to curb the appetite. Make sure you are using Young Living Essential Oils, since other oils on the market are perfume grade and not suitable for internal use!

So, have a few glasses of naturally purified water flavored with your favorite organic essential oils. Your body will thank you!

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carol wickett Dodge the Depression TorpedoCarol is an essential oil educator and a certified reflexologist. As a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, she teaches the importance of using genuine, authentic essential oils for health and healing. She has been an advocate of natural health and wellness for the past 35 years. Among the things she has studied includes, the use essential oils, iridology, muscle testing, nutrition, tapping and other forms of energy medicine. 


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