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Passion and Enthusiasm – Fears = Success

I've heard it said many times, "You must have passion and enthusiasm for what you're doing in order to be successful". However, most people simply are not doing what they have passion and enthusiasm for. They are in a JOB they dislike.

According to the dictionary, WORK is defined first as the application of mental or physical effort to a purpose; use of energy. So in essence, most people use their energy doing something they don't like, not only in a job, but in a lot of cases, life in general. People are accustomed to doing all kinds of things they don't want to do for all kinds of reasons. And not only that, most people are not consciously aware of the reasons.

For instance, I worked a retail job for almost 30 years. There were some aspects I enjoyed, like the people, but deep down I knew I wanted to do something bigger. I never realized until just a few years ago that it was my fears that kept me stuck. Passion and enthusiasm are important, but until we face our FEARS, passion and enthusiasm will not truly be realized. We will continue to feel stuck.

Our deepest fears are usually things that we don't know about consciously. Sometimes, it takes many years to discover what these fears are. It is a journey for sure, but if you are determined to just plow through some of the fears and get the job done, you will be successful.

To your success,

Carol Wickett

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