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Have you ever thought of “asking” as a gift? I’m sure you have heard over and over again,
“ask and you will receive.”

Children have this gift mastered. But as adults, some of us have lost that ability. Our main fear is rejection and we create all kinds of excuses and reasons NOT to ask.

The world only responds to those that ask!

And if you are not moving forward in your business, maybe you are not doing enough asking.

So here are a few things to ask for:
1. Information– Without the who, what, where, when, why and how, you cannot truly understand and appreciate your prospects needs so you can offer a solution.
2. Business– It’s amazing that according to statistics about 60% of people who give presentations never ask for the sale afterward. Asking a closing question doesn’t have to sound pushy, either. It can be as simple as “would you like to give it a try?”
3. Stories– Asking for written stories from your clients or customers about the results they’ve had with a product or service is a powerful tool.
4. Referrals– This is the easiest and least expensive way to ensure your growth and success in the marketplace. Because you take great care of your clients and customers, they will be glad to refer others to you.
5. More Business– Be on the lookout for other products and services that your existing clients and customer base would be interested in.
6. Feedback– Unless you ask if your clients or customers are satisfied and their needs are being met, you may not know. You can even create a simple survey with questions like…
How am I doing? What can I do to improve my service to you? What can I do to help you more? Please share what you like or don’t like about the products or service. This can be a powerful tune-up for your business!

So, now that we know some things to ask, we need to know HOW to ask.
1. Ask Clearly– Make sure you are not vague. Words are powerful, so choose wisely.
2. Ask Consistently– The most common mistake is people quit too soon. Keep asking until you find a way to ask that works or until you find answers.
3. Ask Confidently– If you are uncertain or hesitant, people will not respond. So ask with boldness, certainty and confidence.
4. Ask Sincerely– Keep it simple, be yourself, ask from your heart and people will open up to you.

So, remember to ask and make it a habit. The more you ask the easier it becomes. And your business will grow!

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I think we come across people everyday that say in one way or another how broke they are.
They say things like:
I can’t afford that
I have no money
That’s too expensive
That’s not in the budget
I can’t pay all the bills.

I even worked with a lady years ago that always said…
“Well, I can’t afford (whatever it is at the time), because my money is all tied up.”
This meaning it was in money making vehicles such as stocks, etc.
And my thought at the time was, “Oh yes, I see how broke you are.”

And yes there are people that truly do not have lots of money, but you still see them eating out, at the movies and basically doing and getting whatever they want.

From my years of observation of people there are basically two groups of people that whine about being broke.

The first group doesn’t have a lot of money, as I said, but still manage to get their wants. I seen proof of this for many years working in a family-owned deli. We sold things like pop, cigarettes, all kinds of snacks, beer, and liquor. I think most of us would have to say these are not necessities. So it always amazed me that people would be complaining of “being broke”
(at the checkout), but come in everyday for their stuff!

Now before someone gets bent thinking it’s none of my business what people buy…

and I agree it’s not.

I’m just making the point that this proves people get what they want. Do they really know how that looks whining about being broke and buying this stuff? So ok, get your stuff, but don’t whine!

The second group are the ones that watch closely what they spend, not because they don’t have it, but because they are afraid of losing what they do have. However, this group too manages to get what they want. Their priorities are just different.

But groups whine about being broke, but in different ways!

So, the point is…

If we go around whining and telling about how broke we are…

We will actually BE broke or FEEL broke and neither is good, because you will just keep getting more of the same!

So my advice is if you are broke, feel broke or both…

DON’T speak it into existence even more.


Learn to stop the story of “How Broke You Are.”

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In all aspects of life, whether it be education, music,
digging a ditch or building a business, the law of equity applies.

For instance, if you only work 4 hours on creating a sculpture,
you only see 4 hours of production…

that is “The Law of Equity.”

It’s God’s law in the universe.

In nature, its referred to as “balance.”

We must take responsibility for what we produce or don’t produce.

And we must NOT rely on others to motivate us to DO what we need to do.

I have had many people tell me, “Oh I feel so motivated after talking to you.
I need to talk with you more often.”

I’m glad that I’m able to “pump” them up and there is a time and place for that.

However, if the only place your motivation comes from is others, it won’t last long.

You find yourself needing what I call “a motivation fix.” But this kind of motivation
does not really move you to action. It’s more of just a feel good thing for the moment!

So resolve today to motivate yourself!

And to help you get started, I made a list of statements to repeat out loud to
yourself or anyone who will listen, even your pets):

And I am going to do this as well because I would never ask you to do something
that I won’t do myself.

So, here we go with the list.

1. I have the motivation to use my mind and imagination to accomplish all my goals,
and not depend on someone to motivate me.

2. I have the motivation to return phone calls and answer emails, and not
depend on someone to motivate me.

3. I have the motivation to get up an hour early each day to do what needs to be
done for my business or anything else, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

4. I have the motivation to share my story with whoever I come in contact with today, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

5. I have the motivation to do my own research as best I can to build my business,
and not depend on someone to motivate me.

6. I have the motivation to work an extra hour each day to work on my business
and whatever else needs accomplished and not depend on someone to motivate me.

7. I have the motivation to work on myself more than my business, and not depend on someone to motivate me.

8. I have the motivation to take responsibility for all that I do or don’t do. And to make the needed adjustments and not depend on someone to motivate me.

Repeat twice daily, when you get up in the morning and before bed for at least 30 days, and let me know what changes you see in yourself. I will share mine with you also!

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Have you ever wondered why one person can generate money easily
while another person struggles to make ends meet?
You may think it’s because of things like…
the amount of money earned and invested, which are external things.

But, the truth is, our internal environment such as how we perceive
ourselves and how we think and feel determines our financial status.
In other words, its more about our beliefs, thoughts and feelings than
about the financial world.

So, what really is money?

By itself, money has NO power!

But when money is used as an exchange medium, then it acquires POWER!

When money is exchanged between people it represents the energy of relationships.

Money problems then are NEVER about MONEY but about our relationships!!!

And ALL relationships have an emotional base.

Therefore because the act of buying and selling involves people…

there are many emotions associated with money.

Some of those emotions can be frustration, feelings of unworthiness,
inadequacy and fearfulness.

You may feel you don’t deserve money or you’re not good with money…

You may even hate to think about money!

Notice the feelings you have when you make a purchase, get a bill in the mail,
or when you go to write out the check to pay the bill.

Examine your self-talk. Do you say things like?

I’m broke

I wish I had more money

There is never enough money

Why can’t I have what I want

I can never make ends meet

We need to start examining our relationships with people…

What kind of emotions or feelings are coming up?

Quite likely a lot of the feelings will be the same ones associated with money…

like the frustration, unworthiness, inadequacy, fearfulness, etc.

So, it starts on the inside with our internal dialog and beliefs about our self

and developing our awareness about those things.

Relationships with people need to be nurtured and cared for.

Likewise, if you view money as something that you will have a lifelong

relationship with, then you will come to appreciate, care for and respect

its place in your life.

As my mentor, Joe Schroeder says…

“You can’t attract what you don’t respect.”

But, we can’t nurture relationships with others until we learn to nurture the

relationship with ourselves. When we learn to love and respect our self first,

then our relationships with people and money changes!

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Everyone has a story!

You know the one you tell over and over in your head and/or tell to others?

Most people are not even aware they are doing this because the program is
running below the radar or the conscious mind. So, it’s become a HABIT!

As a matter of fact, you can have several stories, but ultimately they ALL go
back to one main theme which results in failure to accomplish what you want
in life.

There are at least two things that helped us create our story at a very young age.
The first is the things we were told to us by our parents, siblings, relatives, friends,
teachers, etc. And the second is our experiences we had and the conclusions we
drew from them. This formed our beliefs and thus our story.

Some of the stories people tell are:
* I don’t have time because…
* I could never do that
* I can’t afford to…
* Things never work out for me…
* I’m always to last one to…
* Oh, my aching back, knees, etc.
* I can never make ends meet
* I’ll do it tomorrow
* No one would be interested in me
* I’m just not smart enough or good enough to…

And the list goes on.

Every time you say those things, YOU are literally PULLING all those things
to you! You are claiming them! And when you do this, it stands in the way
of your success. Think about it! What falls from your lips becomes your reality!

And yes, I understand! You feel like you can’t afford…whatever, because you have
NO money today.

STOP repeating the bad stuff and change your story!


Be aware of what you are saying to yourself and others. Change the words you use.
When you change the words, it changes your vibration. And you will be amazed at
the change that will come into your life!

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Have you ever wondered why self-help books doesn’t
really help?

Most everyone has read these kind of books at one time
or another.

Personally, I have lost count of how many I have read over the years!

I never read fiction, I guess because I was always looking to change or
improve something and I knew fiction was not going to help me.

Whenever I go to the library or Barnes and Noble it seems one
of the most popular sections is self-help.


Because life is full of problems and people are looking
for answers and help.

Especially now with all the negative talk about inflation, depression and recession!

That kind of talk really triggers people’s poverty consciousness!

So, they start thinking the answer is in a book.

“How to Make More Money” for instance.

The mentality is, ‘read this book and things will change.’

But the truth is, people read book after book and nothing changes.

NOT even a little!

And I speak from experience.

I had the same mentality.

I can’t even begin to tell you ALL the books I thought would change ME.

No book changes you. YOU change you!

The reason just reading self-help books doesn’t help is because people
read without thinking.

Just reading doesn’t develop you mentally. It’s when you think and
contemplate about what you read and then apply it, is when you
get results.

As one of my mentors, Joe Schroeder says, “Life teaches you how
to think and proper thinking teaches you how to live.”

However, thinking is the hardest and most exhausting thing.

I’ve even heard people say that it hurts their brain to think.

Most people won’t train their self to think and will even find
everything in the world to keep them from thinking, like
TV, computer games, reading novels, etc.

Anything to keep from being alone with their thoughts.

If you can train yourself to hold certain thoughts of your ideals
and goals in your mind that are not realized yet, until they manifest,
you will be ‘super successful.’

I have heard it said that only 2% of people actually think,
3% think they think, and the other 95% would rather die than think.

Don’t let yourself be one of the 95%.

If you REFUSE to think, you will be employed by one of the people
who DO think.

So if you are not a reader, I encourage you to start. If you are a reader,
stop and think about what you are reading and how to apply it. Then
take the action!

Keep your highest self in mind despite being told all the negative
about yourself.

And then go a step further and join a group of people that celebrate
you instead of just tolerating you.

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Love or fear…

Which is more powerful?

Some qualities of love are long-suffering, kindness, being a cheerful giver, behaves decently and respectfully, looks for good in others, forgives freely, and puts others interests before their own. It bears, hopes and endures all things. Love never fails, because there is no fear in love. It throws fear outside. All these qualities have to do with relationships with people, not things. So when you love people, your passion and desire is to help and serve them.

On the flip side is fear which is the cause of all unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. It is the primary cause of all negative emotions which move you out of the love state and therefore causes you to settle for far less than you really choose.

We all have inner fears, such as, “not being enough”, “not having enough”, “not feeling good enough”, and the list goes on. When the fear is stronger than our passion and desire (or the love state), we become imprisoned by our will. It causes us to make decisions and behave in ways that keep us from our desires. So the world moves on as you watch in a paralyzed state of fear. This fear will STOP you in your business! And remember any business is about people, not things like money! Because without people we have NO business.

So, your desire (love of people) must be stronger than your fears. The desire is so strong you walk through obstacles like they weren’t there. You find ways to overcome them. What can help you overcome the obstacles is courage. Courage is obtained by doing. It can be developed in any life skill and gets stronger with practice. When I first started public speaking years ago, it took a lot of courage for me to do that. But the more I did, the easier it got. If you invest time in your desires and passions, in other words, people, the less time you devote to fear and worry.

Figure out what your passion and desire is to help people, and then focus on that. Let those desires and dreams be your compelling drive to get you to the next level in your business and in your life. Once you know what your passion and desire is, map out a goal blueprint of the steps you need to achieve it. Being clear about who you choose to be causes the universe to align to your potential.

So, back to the question.

Love or fear…

Which is more powerful?

The answer is…

Whichever one you choose!

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Have you ever ask yourself ‘How can I add more value?”

I find myself asking this question daily. Why? First and foremost
because I care about people and want to make a difference in
their lives. It brings me joy no money can match.

Now you may be thinking, “But Carol we need to earn money.”
Yes we do. And I’m certainly not saying money is bad, it’s
just not the issue. And when money is not the issue, it just
naturally comes! Why? Because when your love of people far
exceeds money, people naturally want to give you money.
By that I mean they like and trust you enough to buy what you
recommend if that’s what they are looking for.

First, we need to make sure we are doing what we LOVE and have
PASSION for. Did you know that job dissatisfaction is the number
one cause of death from heart attacks for people 50 years old

Where your focus is, is where you direct your life.

Everything we do has consequences.

So we should ask ourselves:
* Are we being creative?
* Are we giving?
* Are we achieving our goals?
* Are we making a difference in someones life?

I have spent the last 35 years in natural healing. My dream was to
be a holistic doctor. Even though that didn’t happen, helping people
was the reason behind my dream in the first place. However, I did
study many areas of natural health, became a certified reflexologist,
(among other things), and expanded my interest to helping people
change their subconscious programming so they can become who
they were meant to be!

So, who do you have to become to achieve all your goals? At times
we discover that in the smallest ways. It can simply be by having a conversation
with someone or offering a hug or smile. Giving and adding value to people!

For me, and I think it’s true for everyone, your passion allows you
to give more value simply because you LOVE it and you DESIRE to. It adds value
not only to others, but to yourself as well.


Do you feel deserving? To find the answer, listen to what you say to yourself.

Are you saying things like…

“Nothing works out for me” or “I tried that and it didn’t work?”

The way we live our life is consistent with our subconscious beliefs.
Whatever we choose now or later comes to us. So, it’s important
to be aware of what we ask for. We all have freedom to choose the
life we desire along with the obstacles that come with it.

And there will be obstacles. And when they come, we have two choices.
The first is what a lot of people do, and that is they view the obstacle
so BIG they can’t overcome it and at that moment their power to do
something leaves them. One of the reasons this happens is the subconscious
belief that they don’t deserve to succeed. This can stop people in their tracks.

The second choice is to see the obstacle for what it is and figure out ways
to overcome or get around it. This empowers us!

But, how do we get to the place where we make the second choice, overcoming
the obstacle? It starts in the mind. For instance, most people set some sort of goals
to be successful in life. But, these goals will have their own set of challenges.
This is when the self-talk kicks in with the doubt and now you feel you don’t
deserve to reach your goal. Therefore, we need to prepare the mind to receive
what we desire. Whatever comes must vibrate at the same vibration we are in
the mind. Change your mind and you will change your life!

To achieve the goals also requires repetition of action designed to prepare us
to receive. Through this repetition, we learn and develop into the person matching
the goal.

Ernest Holmes said, “Do the thing and the power is yours.” By changing the words,
thoughts and actions repeatedly to match our goals and what we choose to become,
we have empowered ourself.

The actions required could be some of the following:

1. Gaining conscious control over our thoughts, words and actions.
2. Reading books. (I personally read 2 or 3 books at a time, a few pages each daily.)
3. Taking classes.
4. Seeking out more knowledge through research.
5. Associating with like-minded people.

We know old habits have become embedded in us through repetition. Likewise,
we can develop new habits of thinking, feeling and doing through repetition. This in
turn gives us the “I deserve it” feeling and belief. Then we are free to choose the life we really desire!


Are you using an operating system of…

need, want, should, can’t, have to, maybe, kinda, someday or hopefully?

Do find yourself saying things like…

“I’m working on it” or “I’m Really trying?”

If so, you are using self-sabotaging language.

Every single word we feel and speak is taken literally by our subconscious.

Therefore, the subconscious starts acting immediately to bring about the
reality that matches that.

When we realize this, many of us will want to get conscious very quickly.

Our language exposes our limiting belief systems.

If we become more conscious of the language we use, we start to establish
new, more successful patterns.

We can then transform our relationship with consciousness and words in a
positive way with grace and ease.

The outcome however, is to increase love for ourselves and others.

When love and acceptance is present, true transformation happens and it’s
reflected in our words.

Thus, different words, different world!

One that is more satisfying and abundant!

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