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Listen Your Way to Success!

One of the most important qualities necessary

to a high level of success in business is…

your ability to listen, really LISTEN!

* Listening to what others say and what they do not say.
* Listening to what it’s like to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.
* Listening for what’s important to that person and what missing in their life.
* Listening for an opportunity to provide something of value to them.

Listening IS Key!

Don’t bore the person you are talking with about the value of your product line

or how great your company is or what you are doing in business.

Quite frankly, they don’t care! I know at one time we all believed our products

were for everyone.

Maybe you still do.

After all, isn’t that what your company teaches?

But in reality, that’s NOT the case.

People care about what’s important to THEM, not you.

You will never know what’s important to them unless you focus on

and listen to THEM and THEIR needs and concerns.

Listening, not speaking is the key!

They say that’s why we only have one mouth and 2 ears…

so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Remember to:

* Listen to your prospect.
* Listen to what’s important and what works for thems.
* Listen to what the world is calling for.
* Listen to yourself and how others are listening to you.
* Listen to what’s missing.
* Listen and fine tune your actions in each of those areas.
* Listen your way to success.

Listening is necessary for effective communication.

It is the foundation for effective and rewarding relationships.

Success in business is dependent on relationships.

People need to know, like and trust you in order to feel

comfortable to do business with you. In other words, as my mentor says…

you want people to LOVE to Like You!

When you develop rapport and a common purpose with others,

awesome possibilites happen.

So, consistently focus on relationships first.

If you are not getting positive business results, first look at

the relationships to see, “What’s Missing?”

Relationship building takes time. And for some, impatience takes over

and the drive for “getting to business” and sharing their own opinions

is usually the source of downfall for many.

Remember, the only opinion that matters to them, is theirs.

So, not only is patience a virtue, it is a necessity!

This is the way you find out ‘if’ and ‘how’ you can help them.

People really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Really listening (while maintaining eye contact), and focusing

the conversation on them, shows you care!

I hope this information was helpful and to receive more

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If you need me:)

To Your Success,
Carol Wickett

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