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Is This Opportunity Too Good To Be True?

More people than ever before are looking to make money from home. And many people are introduced to MLM companies. Now if you are already in a company, it would probably be wise to ask yourself the following. Now am I telling you this because I think all MLM companies are bad? No! But there are too many people out their making a lot of promises and too many people are sold into the make money quick with a no work mindset. So please think about what I am about to tell you. Why? Because as the saying goes, 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Have you "signed up" in an opportunity and been promised the world? Have you ever heard the words, "we will build your downline for you, and been disappointed when it didn't happen they way they told you? It sounds seductive…but DO not EVER think and do not EVER include in your calculations an estimate that THEY WILL bring even ONE  person under you in ANY PROGRAM.

Have you ever personally sponsored say 45 or more new people and received a check for only $50? How can that be? You were promised a lot more money in a short amount of time. You call your sponsor and they are as clueless as you. You decide to call the company main office, and guess what? NO answers there either, except maybe they are too swamped with internet and phone responses that they can't keep up. And how much money have you invested with a very small return or none at all?

There are so many compensation plans out there, and how many people ask for a copy of the plan and actually read it before they sign? I'll bet not many! And how about the big deal chasers? Are you always looking at the next opportunity that crosses your email? Many do. Why? Because of all those promises! Do you really believe that position is going to make a difference in how your organization builds? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may want to ask yourself what your purpose is in your downline marketing efforts. They may be in vain. No wonder so many people are casualties of MLM PROMISES causing them to self-destruct and burn out.

So let's get real. Do you feel network marketing is a real business or just a hobby or a way for quick money? If you view it as a real business, treat it like one. That means get some education first. Lack of knowledge about the industry or your opportunity is sure to spell failure. It is difficult if you are looking, not to get enticed by opportunities being thrown at you every minute on the internet. Like I said before, they are very seductive! I am amazed at the people that jump around from one opportunity to the next, hoping it will be THE ONE!

But remember, position does not matter and position does not make you money – especially when most opportunities are set up so that the company and a few select recruiters have unlimited width organizations. These people depend upon the masses to follow them and believe their hype. They know many people are weak and disloyal and uncommitted. They also use that knowledge to their advantage. Lots of people have been victims. So now it's time to make a stand with an opportunity you believe in.

Develop your customer base slowly, persistently, steadily and more importantly – with integrity – by giving loyalty to those who truly are helping you to make money. As one of my mentors taught me "what you give any you get to keep." Building any kind of business, either online or offline is NOT an overnight thing. You need to be in it for the long haul. Are there opportunities that deliver a fast buck? Yes! But ask yourself, 'Where will they be tomorrow?' Where will the person be tomorrow who convinced you to get into the fast buck game? Where will the loyal customers go who wanted to buy from you?

The truth is they found someone else who delivers what they want and is loyal to their desire. Nope, the only way to make money with MLM or any business is to NOT listen to all the seductive promises. Avoid that self -destruct and burn out mode.  Be persistent, be loyal to your opportunity and your customer base and show you are able to make a commitment.



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  • Linda November 1, 2010, 1:52 pm

    Carol, such a great article and all so true. Anyone that has been in this business has been through some of the horrors you talk about, and it is people like you that will help stop the bleeding. Paul and I ourselves have in the past been caught up in the latest gizmo, offer, launch and until we learned the hard way to ask and figure out what we really needed for our business, and luckily found our answers we were on rocky ground. People like you will help thousands find out how to grow a strong foundation and build up from there. Thank you for sharing.

  • lidia November 1, 2010, 4:30 pm

    Great advice Carol. It’s very important for people to take MLM claims with a grain of salt.

  • Matt November 2, 2010, 9:12 am


    This is a ‘super good post’….Very good information!. Having been in more than a few MLM’s over the years I can sure relate to your words of wisdom,,,Too many times I drank the koolaid:-)& was dissapointed with my results. Over the years I learned the hard way & did pick up a few extra bucks,,,BUT due to my hard work not the wild promises of others.

    I would llike to pass this on to my list, the words you share need to be passed on.

    Thank You!
    Matt Geib The Great

  • The GREAT Edward November 9, 2010, 7:45 pm

    Hey Carol,

    There are too many victims out there on the streets. It is a real blood bath for sure. It is with great people like yourself that will bring hope to those who many have lost it or had it stolen from them along their journey of life. Let’s bring back peoples dreams and help them to live them out full throttle!

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    The GREAT Edward!

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