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Fill Your Life with Love and Enthusiasm

Albert Einstein said something years ago that is as relevant today as it was back then. He said, "Everyone has two choices. We're either full of love…or full of fear." That is so true, especially in the world we live in today. It is fast-paced and chaotic more than ever. Life will constantly throw us curve balls. But regardless of our circumstances, we always have a choice about how we approach life. And that choice determines the outcome. So, we need to ask ourself, Do I begin each day full of enthusiasm? Or do I let outside influences or things from my past instill fear in my heart? This fear can cause a negative, pessimistic, attitude. So if the later is true, it's time for a mind change! But Carol, it's not EASY to be enthusiastic! And you're right, sometimes it's not easy to be eager to face life. Our true self wants to be eager and enthusiastic, to spread its wings and soar. Life is too short to let negativity and limiting beliefs bring us down. Studies have shown we are all affected by our thoughts and in turn we also affect others in measurable and important ways. Since that is the case, we can decide to make a positive change in our attitude and to increase the love in our hearts. It not only improves our life, but those around us. And as a result, all our relationships improve, personal and business.  So start on the road to opening yourself up and let LOVE fill in those negative spaces that have boxed you in with fear.!


Carol Wickett

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