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Do You Smell Like A Seller?

Do you smell like a seller?

I think we probably ALL have at one time or another and maybe didn't realize it.

You may be asking, "So what does a seller smell like"?

Have you noticed when you start talking to a prospect they either move TOWARDS you…

or AWAY from you?


People can tell if you are genuinely interested in THEM and what they want and need or…

if you just want to tell them about your product or biz-op.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer is key.

I know for instance how I feel when I visit a car dealership if the salesperson immediately 

approaches me as though I am a sale rather than finding out how they can help me.

If that happens, even if I was ready to buy then, I probably would not.

There is a saying you may have heard…

"Everyone likes to BUY, but no one likes to be SOLD"!

And how true that is! We all feel that way.

Most people run from SELLER TALK.

It's like your words suddenly give you BO or a severe case of BAD BREATH.

And none of us want to be known as someone who has BO…

So, what are some of the SCENTS or SIGNS of a SELLER?

1. Speaking in generalities. Your words and phrases don't speak to anyone in particular. Vague phrases like natural health, communication systems, weight loss programs, or reduce cell phone bills does not target a specific enough person and quite frankly can be boring. Generalities gets no ones attention, leaves no impression and so no one buys!

2. Speaking shop-talk. You know the techno-babble we all are taught about our products, such as patented, scientifically proven nutraceuticals, technical product names and company information that no one cares about. Your prospect will glaze over with this kind of talk. What they want to know is what will your product or service do for them. Sharing your heartfelt STORY instead of company lingo they don't understand or care about will go much farther.

3. Hype. Making inflated, excessive or unbelievable claims which are NOT going to be believed anyway. Being enthusiastic about recommending a restaurant simply because you like it, feels quite different to someone than if you stand to make a commission. Making money automatically means you have a hidden agenda to most people. So, don't exaggerate!

So, what is the point of all this? 

Be real, authentic and genuine.

Know who your people are and focus on helping them get what they want.

Make that your agenda and you will not SMELL LIKE A SELLER!










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  • Laura October 18, 2010, 8:09 pm

    This is great advice you can smell someone trying to sell you a mile away. I am constantly striving to be helpful first and then make suggestions when there is a good fit. Thanks for the great tips.

  • Shawn Johnson October 19, 2010, 11:02 am

    Great Article Carol.

    I think sometimes we do get caught up
    in the companies lingo, part per million etc.

    And like you said, share a true story on how the products works and how it may benefit them and when this is done correctly , people normally sell themselves.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Selena Tention October 20, 2010, 6:53 am

    The same thing happens when I go to the furniture store. It’s like they are all standing my the door and waiting to pounce on the next person that walks in the door…
    If you put the goods out their then people will come asking you questions or just purchase what you have to offer without even speaking with you.

  • Lidia October 20, 2010, 7:41 pm

    Selling isn’t wrong or bad, but people tend to take it too far. If you speak from your heart and you are passionate about something you are selling and it doesn’t even feel like it. Did you tell someone about a great course you took in college and how it changed your view of life? You just sold something.

  • Edward Elliott October 26, 2010, 8:56 am

    Hey Carol,

    I think selling has definitely got a bad rap these days. It is important to be truly authentic and open with the people who we are interacting with and prospecting. If they know in their heart that we care for them and want to help them they will buy. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  • Roland Leveille October 31, 2010, 6:29 am

    Smelling like a seller definitely is not good. Being yourself and really wanting to help other people is how to avoid that. If you are just thinking about sales and making that next buck, you will come off like a smelly seller.

    Great post Carol, thank you!

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