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Are You Ok With Failure?

No one likes to fail. But failure is part of life and the learning curve. Lord knows, I have failed many times in my life. But, failure is not the problem, your fear of it is! So, even if you never get over your fear of failure… we need to learn to be ok with it. Why?? As Thomas Edison once said, "All of my mistakes is the glue that holds my successes together." Thomas Edison was not a failure because he can tell us a 1000 ways a light bulb will not work. That kind of knowledge is pure unadulterated POWER! If you want to be the CEO of your own self employed network marketing business, then you MUST get comfortable with the "fear of failure." The following is simple, elementary logic- "A person will never have successes if afraid to make mistakes." You will not pick yourself up and try, try again until you succeed, if you are afraid. You will just quit. Success means doing. But, it's not so much WHAT you do… It's what you are thinking about WHILE you are doing it. So, in order to be ok with failure, we need to change our thinking about failure. Invite it…it means you're human. Now you may be thinking… Changing my thinking is not that easy. And you're right. But with practice and determination, it can be done.

To your success,

Carol Wickett

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